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Dhairyasheel Sutar

About Me

My name is Dhairyasheel Sutar and I'm a developer with experience building data pipelines / web applications on Cloud. After years of sharpening my skills, I'm now ready to share my knowledge and help others level up their tech abilities. That's why this blog exists. I didn't become an expert overnight. It took years of constantly learning, trying new things and failing more times than I can count. But each failure brought new insights that helped me grow. Now, I want to shortcut that learning curve for you.

What I Write Here

Cloud & DevOps

Enterprises and startups move to the cloud to focus on business, save costs, reduce time to market, and sleep better as others handle infrastructure.

Web Dev

Building simple websites is easy, but scaling and making them resilient, dynamic, and progressive is challenging. With decreasing attention spans, websites must be faster and always online.

Data Engineering

Data engineering enables data-driven decisions by building pipelines, ETLs, and databases to collect, process, store quality data at scale for analytics and insights.

Generative AI

Generative AI is changing problem-solving by automating content, code, and using LLMs. Having tested 10+ models from providers, it will become integral to our lives.


Dhairyasheel is one of the most brilliant engineers that I have had a fortune to meet, work and collaborate with. I have not met anyone else who is so solution driven as Dhairyasheel. Irrespective of what the issue, domain or tool, he is the go-to person for everything. Even though he is the best Senior Platform Engineer that I got a chance to work with, his skillets trump some of the best data and software engineers as well. He is definitely an extremely value addition to any organization that he works with!

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